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Heritage Digitalization

Garry Oker's mission is to ensure cultural longevity and resiliency through the digitalization of Indigenous heritage. By using advanced technologies, we're able to recreate traditional stories and songs in a new and exciting way, making them accessible for both current and future generations. From educational apps designed to teach children their Indigenous language to virtual reality experiences that allow Elders to share their stories from anywhere in the world, we're dedicated to using every tool at our disposal to preserve indigenous culture.

Earth Projection

AI Application

GoART is a unique Indigenous initiative where we’re embracing artificial intelligence and new technologies to shape the future of storytelling. Our focus is on preserving Indigenous cultures and languages through technology, while sharing it with the world. We’re creating innovative ways to preserve the Beaver language by developing apps, sound tipis and utilizing AI as never seen before to enhance our Indigenous exhibits and performing arts. Join us on a journey to celebrate our culture and heritage!

In December 2023, Oker completed Simon Fraser University's Digital Transformation Leadership Program through the Beedie School of Business. Beedie is recognized in the top 1% of accredited business schools world-wide and number one in Canada for innovation.

" Turn up the Dial on digital transformation. More than ever, organizations need to understand the power of digital transformation and quickly upskill employees to generate and implement new ideas. Digital enables business to drive profit, productivity and performance. Today most businesses and the people within them need to know how to engage with digital. With growth in the digital economy outpacing growth in all other economies, the Digital Innovation and Leadership (DIAL) initiative is pivotal to helping businesses develop digital capabilities and the leadership skills needed to survive and thrive."
- Beedie School of Business

The Digital Transformation Leadership program taught Oker to understand the foundations for digital transformation, develop an innovation mindset and learn how to lead digital transformation projects. The program was custom designed in close collaboration with industry and Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster to empower leaders to innovate using digital technology.

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