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GoART Creative Design

Ignite new partnerships through Indigenous innovation and leadership to expand your business and corporate strategy.

Garry Oker's creative design director skills and innovative ideas will allow your business to implement new concepts to build relationships with Indigenous peoples to develop highly valued opportunities.


Garry Oker utilizes Indigenous Design Thinking protocols throughout his Creative Director projects, encompassing a unique and culturally sensitive approach to design. These protocols are influenced by the deep connection Indigenous communities have with their land, culture, and traditions. They often involve a holistic perspective that considers the environment, community, and spirituality in the design process.


For example, Indigenous design thinking may involve:


1. Deep respect for the land and environment: Indigenous design protocols often prioritize sustainability and the preservation of the natural environment, drawing inspiration from traditional ecological knowledge and a profound connection to the land.


2. Community engagement and consultation: The design process may involve extensive collaboration with Indigenous communities, seeking their input and perspectives to ensure that the designs resonate with their cultural values and needs.


3. Integration of cultural symbolism and storytelling: Indigenous design often incorporates cultural symbols, patterns, and storytelling elements that hold deep significance within the community, creating designs that reflect and honor indigenous heritage.


4. Long-term impact consideration: Indigenous design thinking may emphasize the long-term impact of the design on the community and the environment, striving to create solutions that are sustainable and beneficial for future generations.


5. Adherence to cultural protocols and ethics: Indigenous design processes are often guided by cultural protocols and ethics, respecting the traditional knowledge and practices of the indigenous communities involved.


Overall, indigenous design thinking protocols are rooted in a profound respect for culture, community, and the environment, and they offer a unique perspective that considers the interconnectedness of all aspects of life.

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