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Garry Oker is a distinguished Canadian Indigenous Creative Director, engagement leader, an accomplished artist, cultural exhibit designer, cross-cultural trainer, and advocate for Indigenous rights. With over 30 years of experience, Oker has been instrumental in empowering Indigenous communities through a forward-thinking futurist approach. His expertise encompasses creative leadership, cultural exhibits, heritage event planning,

Indigenous governance, and community economic development. Oker's innovative artistic endeavors amplify cultural narratives, infusing UNDRIP-based Indigenous art and music into community projects and commissioned works. 


Deeply rooted in traditional knowledge, his artistic expressions artfully preserve the rich stories of the Beaver Peoples' heart and heritage, reflecting a lifetime of wisdom garnered from Elders. This website will cover events and offer a wide range of GO Art paintings, designs and products that showcase the beauty and richness of Indigenous culture. As authentic Indigenous art, Oker's unique one-of-a-kind GoArt embraces the spirit of Indigenous heritage and promotes cross-cultural learning and sharing of traditional knowledge.


Oker's Cross-Cultural Training workshops are designed to help individuals connect with the wisdom of Elders and to learn about recent projects such as the Tse'Kwa heritage site and KEMA Experiences. We believe in the power of dreams and the Dreamer's Philosophy. Join us on this journey of cultural heritage and let us show you the beauty and diversity of Indigenous traditions.

Oker has managed to rise above and create new partnerships and business and employment opportunities to help Indigenous and local communities flourish and become key players in the local socio-economic landscape. Championing roles such as Creative Director, Chief, Councillor, Indigenous Consultant, and Program Director, Garry specializes in creative project leadership, cutting-edge cultural exhibits, cultural heritage event planning, Indigenous governance and rights advocacy, multi-stakeholder relations, and community economic development. Oker consistently elevates projects to success through a progressive futurist approach. His genius delivers extraordinary influence that is unequivocally revolutionizing Indigenous cultural perspectives by sharing Indigenous wisdoms, art and music. 

Oker recently earned a certificate from the Digital Transformation Leadership Program from Simon Fraser University's Beedie School of Business.


Oker possesses a unique ability to unravel the layers of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples principles and infuse them into Indigenous community-based projects, programs and events to form shared values and solutions. With his traditional knowledge and intuition, Oker takes the reigns on advocating for policy change by tackling a multitude of complex legislative frameworks, legal Indigenous rights cases, and Indigenous government policies. He ensures the incorporation of Indigenous-led knowledge systems as outlined in UNDRIP into all consultation and negotiation processes.

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