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A relaxing destination for those seeking an Indigenous cultural experience in a rustic and serene setting. Our Indigenous-owned newly built tiny home is nestled in the Boreal Gardens boutique heritage farm located just off the scenic Alaska highway in Charlie Lake, BC. The cabin exterior and chic modern interior provides a perfect blend of traditional and modern living, making your stay comfortable and memorable.

Enjoy your very own porch and BBQ as you take in the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding landscapes. Whether you are looking to get away for a romantic weekend, a much-needed break, or a simple escape from the hustle and bustle, our tiny home has everything you need. Explore the beauty and tranquility of Northern living, where you will discover Indigenous culture, rustic charm and modern luxury. Our newly built tiny home offers all the amenities you need, right in the heart of nature. Offering the perfect respite from the stresses of city life, our unique blend of Indigenous heritage with modern amenities will ensure your stay is an unforgettable one.

* Please note that we are dog-friendly as we have two poodles Lily and Leo on the property.

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